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Sew How much?

Most Tailoring & Alteration Services require an in-person assessment for a Precise Quote on services cost. But, to help you assess if it's worth the re-design, Young can give you an online Estimated Quote :) 

      Disclaimer: Just like all Tailors & Seamstresses, Young will need to meet your garments in-person for a proper Full Assessment to give you a Precise Quote. Thank you for understanding. 

Free Estimated Quote Request

TIP: The more descriptive you are with your Alteration Request & Clothing Piece, the more narrow the price range Young can give. 

  1. Please send Young a Message, using the 'Send Young a Message' Form below.

2 Ways to Request an Estimated Quote...

2. Please send Young an Email at (if you want to send pictures of your actual garment). 

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Send Young a Message!

Need an exact precise quote? Stop by the shop!

Need an Exact 
Precise Quote?

Tailoring by Young Fitting Area

You can always drop by with your clothing items & Young will be sew happy to give you the Exact Cost of your proposed Alteration services. 

Check out our cute Fitting Room Area! It'll be sew fun!

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We will respond within 24 hours, but usually, a lot sooner!

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